My Friday Has a Case of the Gray Mondays

The sky is gray today. Not the gray of a Minnesota snow front headed your way, or the gray of a Texas twister winding up. Nope, just the normal drippy gray winter skies of the northwest. Considering I’m not a huge fan of weather in the 20s, I’m not complaining about the warm-up to 39 degrees. And I don’t even really mind the rain.

So I can’t blame my mullygumpy mood on the weather. But boy-howdy does my Friday feel like a Monday.

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White Lies and Dissemblance

There are a whole host of opportunities that arise that lead to what we like to call white lies and we gramma-philes like to call dissemblance.  Times when you just don’t mention how someone’s new outfit actually maximizes figure flaws, or when you emphasize the horrendous traffic as an explanation for your tardiness.  You know, times like that.  Looks like I’m having a variety of such a moment right now.  However, in this case, it has to do with my son and his mystery illness.

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