Fleas and Finding My Zen

I’m guessing you are having a hell of a time making a connection between fleas and anything zen, and I’d have to agree with you. But that’s what occurred to me as I opened a window to type. It may have had something to do with looking down at my dog’s butt next to me on the couch and watching a damn flea scurry across it. So, yeah, that’s how my day is going.

It isn’t much of a surprise really, considering how much my cat is scratching herself – she looks a bit frantic about the whole thing. Which tells me I have a problem.

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The Truth About Cats and Dogs

If you have pets, you will deal with some not so fun things.  Poop is really nothing in the big picture. Let’s talk about “infestations” and perhaps you will have the appropriate “creepy-crawly” reaction.

It seems that me, my house, my children, and my pets (aside from the fish thank god) are under the throes of a flea infestation.  Great, first the swine flu and now fleas.  Can’t all the dang bugs just leave me alone?  But this opportunity to scratch myself silly brings to mind a previous pet tragedy.  His name was Sampson.

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