Sea Kitten Killer Update

Okay, this is an abnormal day for me.  Usually I’m struggling to get on here once a day, and here I am for the second time today.  (See previous post.) But I am having this little “come to Jesus” kind of moment that only you, my anonymous reader, can help me with.  You see, I am apparently just as dumb as the next bimbo.

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I Am a Killer of Sea Kittens

First off, who the hell decided to start calling fish sea kittens?  PETA’s web site asks us if we’d still order fish sticks if they were call sea kitten sticks.  Hmm, I don’t know, do they come with tartar sauce?  Yes, I really like fish (actually, to watch and to eat) but I hate that every damn thing in our world is so politicized.  Some say it’s all in the name of raising awareness.  Others would say it’s just the side effect of a strong political action group.  All I can say is that I’m feeling some serious guilt these days and I’m needing someone  or something to help allay it.

I have become a murderer.

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