Carpenter Pants and Candy

This is going to be one of those “dating me” kinds of posts.  But what the hell, I’m datable.  (Don’t tell my hubby I said that, okay?  It was like a pun, ya know?  Although I admit it was pretty much crap.  Not much coffee action yet this morning.)

In the late 1970s and early 1980s, wearing jeans became a near cultish thing. And I’m talking about wearing cool jeans – no more Sears Huskys for folks who didn’t want to risk a swirly in the boys’ restroom.  And no, that’s not really a voice of experience on the subject. Really.  I was actually too thin once in my life.  Back when I was also tall.  (Neither of these adjectives have been used to describe me since fourth grade, btw.)  Instead of sporting the cute Geranimals look, I was the bean-pole in whatever pair of pants my poor mom could find with the word “slim” attached to the label.  I definitely didn’t rock the fashion world much back then.  And while I may have seriously changed my physique  in the ensuing decades, the fashion world is still safe from me.

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