Bringing The Sexy Back, One Caftan At A Time

Now that's a PERFECT fit!

Now that’s a PERFECT fit!

Last Friday was the start of a hectic weekend for moi. My schedule included going to my friend Heidi Schulz’s book signing at Powells for her new middle grade book o’ excellence, Hook’s Revenge(And yes, that is a link to buy the book at Powell’s, because why not? What are you waiting for???) I also had my first ever bachelorette party to attend on Saturday and a family picnic, as well as work, on Sunday. So, of course, I got sick. But, I’m getting ahead of myself.

Mister Soandso, being the awesome husband that he is, suggested on Friday that I go shopping for a “new dress” for Saturday night’s festivities. Isn’t he precious? It isn’t that I don’t appreciate him and his suggestions to buy clothes. I do. I just know how these things go. Continue reading

French Pedicures Are A Slippery Slope

If you ever see me with a French pedicure, I’m being held against my will and am trying to signal you to call the police. And I don’t just mean the fashion police either. Whenever I see someone with a French pedicure, I’m pretty sure I need to stage some sort of intervention.  After all, they do look like a call for help. (I’ve never seen male feet with one, but there’s no call to be sexist about bad ideas, right?) Continue reading