Favorites and Likes in Social Media

One of the things that struck me years ago is the fact that we humans tend to assume that other folks will react to a situation in a similar fashion as ourselves. And when they don’t, either comedy or tragedy ensues (in the literary sense at the very least). While I had, of course, mastered this understanding as a child maneuvering through the emotional land mines of family life, it really was brought home at work. One coworker did “a” and coworker assumed that was the wrong thing to do because she would have done “b” and all kinds of interesting times occurred.

This is the stuff of which made-for-tv and commercial fiction is made.

But it is also a driving force behind pretty much everything else. And no place like social media illustrates that point better.

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Being Thankful for the Great State of Randomousity

Between hearing a young friend has a healthy baby boy after an emergency C-Section and the upcoming day of Thanksgiving, I’m feeling both thankful and thoughtful. And whenever I get thoughtful before noon, things are likely to get random. Because as we all know, I earned the nickname “The Random Ah” for good reason. Some thankful-for-worthy things that are flitting through my head and in no particular order because that is the way they flit, are as follows:

  1. Holey moley, thank goodness that all three of my kiddos were born healthy and aside from some at-the-time scary or interesting bits, their arrivals into this world were absolutely mundane in their normalness.
  2. Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday because it is about being together in community rather than giving and receiving stuff. Love that. So. Much. Continue reading

The Yin and The Yang

I have over 100 people I talk with, laugh with, cry with, be with throughout the day  because of Twitter and Facebook.  And every tweet or status  update or link shared connects me with people I could never spend as much time with using the “normal” avenues of phone calls, letters, and coffee klatches.  So I think my “cyber” friendships are very, very important.  And today I was reminded that the larger your pool of interaction, the more of the pendulum’s arc you experience.

One friend is excited about her upcoming wedding.  Another struggling through a divorce.

One shares her positive pregnancy test.  Another  her miscarriage.

One is building a new house.  Another is picking up the debris of a tornado.

One friend types “The End” on the latest book.  Another giving up a dream.

Today I am reminded that the pendulum swings, indeed must swing, from one side to another.  And that when all feels lost and hopeless, this is today.  Tomorrow the lost will be found and hope refilled.

The Yin cannot exist without the Yang.

May we all find ways to add people to journey beside.  A hundred candles flickering in the dark can illuminate even the darkest path.

How’d I End Up Here?

Do you ever look around and wonder just how you got where you are?  Was there a navigator or even a map involved?  Just what turn of events was pivotal, or is it even possible to pin it all on one key moment?  This is how I ponder when I’m flipping pancakes or having other quiet moments.  And since my daughter requested pancakes this morning, I had some ponder time.  Just how the hell did I turn into a nearly 42-year old mother of 3, flipping pancakes while checking Twitter, Facebook, email and the weather forecast on my iPhone while successfully managing to answer my land-line?

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Mile Markers Along the Superhighway

Two comments made in my world this week have brought my mind to rest upon the role of the technological age in my life.  First, a man near and dear to my heart stated: “Some people’s parents shouldn’t be allowed on Facebook” and then a woman I know via preschool stated that “Facebook is my water cooler.” (Apologies to Jak and Katie if I’ve misquoted you.)  My reaction?  Holey moley, how our world has changed!

See if you can remember the precise moment when the following imprecise list of words had meaning for you:  WYSIWYG, personal computer, internet, email, Google, MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, DM, IM, chat, blog, Skype, jpeg, 3G, html, Hulu, Netflix, BlueRay, cell phone, Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Pandora, OLPC…. I could go on and on.  But let’s start first with this Mile Marker:  The Information Superhighway.

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Doppelgangers and Dictionaries

A wonderful part of life in the technological age as we know it is the firestorm of trends that sweep social-networking sites.  In case you have been busy catching up on previous episodes of Lost, let me clue you in.  (But not on the television show, since I’ve never watched it.  I know, gasp.)  Facebook has been experiencing a wave of doppelganger-ing as well as UrbanDictionary-ing.  Me?  I typically skip such things.  Namely because there is usually a minor military skirmish either breaking out or coming to a truce in my living room whilst I’m on the computer.  But also, I don’t even look like my parents – what famous person would I pick?  (Feel free to supply me with that answer; after all, I stopped watching tv in 1995 which explains my Lost-virgin status.)

But I do have this to say about searching your name in the Urban Dictionary.  Whew, people sure can be creative at times.  That and a bit scary.  Try it – you’ll find out all kinds of odd things about yourself you just never wanted to know.