2012: The Year of A.S.S. Instead of P.A.S.S.

I’m smack dab in the middle of my life. I admit that gives one a bit of a pause. What have I done and more importantly, what will I do? An accounting leads me to believe that this year should be more than possibly the end of times. It should be the year of A.S.S. (Accomplish Some Stuff) and not just be the year of P.A.S.S. (Potentially Accomplishing Some Stuff).

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WFO and Grooving.

I was introduced to a new acronym on Tuesday and promptly fell in love.  I should probably acknowledge that  my life-long excitement over spelling with alphabet noodles in soup may be the basis of my new love affair.  But regardless, it is a great acronym.

WFO.  It has a few incarnations but fellow CrossFitter  and former Army Ranger, James, said it was “Wide Full Open” although “Wide Freaking Open” is basically the same thing, just more excited sounding.  (Of course, that is the PG version.  You know what freaking really means here, right?)  Anyhoo, it is a fun alternative to the sentiment “b@lls to the wall” but gets at the same basic idea – pushing yourself as hard as you possibly can.  I love this acronym because I tend to be a WFOer more than anything else.  I’d like to think it’s part of my charm, but I rather doubt others see it quite that way.

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Sex and Exercise and Thin Thighs, Oh My!

You just never know what you are going to come across these days.  Well, you might have a good idea if you open a story with the word “sex” in the headline, but you know what I mean.  Which is really pretty funny when you think about it, because “sex” actually refers to one’s gender.  You have to add “intercourse” for sex to be, well, you know what.  But, that is the kind of thing that only matters to a finite number of us – namely English teachers and such.

So sex.  What’s the mystique, right?  Oh, don’t try to deny that you think about it – and some of you quite often.  If we humans weren’t so interested in sex (using the term loosely, I know), think of all the industries that would need to diversify.  Just the whiff of something sexy is likely to catch our attention better than a loaded hot dog at the ball game.  And if you’re like so many, you try to pass off your interest on just “reading the articles”.  Uhuh. 

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