Going Without The Net

Back in 1994, I left a job I mostly disliked and went to grad school at Pacific University. I had taken a hard look at my life and tried to get a plan for what I wanted to do when I was a grown-up. It was a toss-up between law school and education and I ultimately picked teaching because I figured Mister Soandso would rather have me keep the hours of a teacher than of a lawyer.

Talk about living without a net. That decision, which I have never regretted, was terrifying. I was newly married and neither of us was making enough money to save for me to go to grad school. So leaving my full-time job to go into debt — to choose to live without any net — was one that took me a long while to feel comfortable making. Continue reading

Educating the Smart Kids…And Everybody Else

The other day I was chatting with a mom who was excited to share her family’s big news:  their kindergartner had been accepted into the “Challenge Program”.  I smiled and said all the right things but inside I groaned.  And I groaned because educating kids is a difficult thing and not some times without great cost.  And some times it is paid by the child struggling to find his/her place in the bell curve.

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