My Path To Recovery

Today I feel like hell. The kind of hell after a weekend of heavy drinking and debauchery. Know what I mean? How when you wake up you feel like you probably shouldn’t have done what you did?

It was a great weekend, don’t get me wrong. It just included some choices that now I have to deal with. Now some of you might be wondering what in tarnation I did over the weekend and is there a warrant out for my arrest or at least compromising photographs available on the internet. And my answer would be no, and yes. Continue reading

Does This Make Me Look Like A Big Ass? Commenting On People’s Weight

If you know anything about me, it’s that I am plugged into social media all the time. If you’ve seen a meme or news story, there’s a good chance I’ve already seen it. Some of that is because I have a smartphone that allows me to check social media and news sites all day long (think of all the wait time there is in a day). Mostly it’s because not only am I very curious but I’m also easily distracted. (Think Squirrel! and you have me at about half intensity. Just ask Mister Soandso.) You also know that I sometimes use profanity. Today is one of those times. Proceed with caution, yo.

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