Curses, or Foiled Again

Turns out today is a good one to invoke curses of one form or another.  This is due to many things, the least of which is sleep deprivation at the hands of the very talented Bill Cameron.  Or more correctly, his novel “Chasing Smoke” which kept me awake until nearly 3 am.  If you are a mystery buff, then hie your hiney down to your local indie bookstore and buy his books!

Considering the level of sleep deprivation and lack of coffee bean action happening in my morning, it is no wonder that waiting in the “drop-off” line at the elementary school was frustrating enough to lead me to curse a few folks.  Namely the ones who leave their cars parked up and down the entire length of the no-parking zone, or the ones who check their email/voicemail/Facebook/Twitter/stocks/or Santa-tracker after dropping off their child.  Is it really too much to ask those fine folks to mosey on out of my way?  Ya, I didn’t think so.

So if you happened to be in my way this morning and find you now have a mean case of infected arm-pit hair follicles, you probably have a good idea who cursed you.

How about you?  What’s your favorite curse?  Feel free to share it in the comments, but don’t actually curse anybody with it, okay?  And if you have more self-control than me and haven’t ever actually cursed someone, feel free to just say, “Oh curses, foiled again!” in your best villainy, Snidely Whiplash,  voice.