I Can’t Let Go

One of my little “features” which I’m sure makes me even nearer and dearer to Mister Soandso’s heart is the fact that I have a wee bit of trouble letting go of things. I’m not Obsessive Compulsive (at least, not to my knowledge) but there are times when something happens and I just can’t let go of it – regardless of the total irrationality of continuing to obsess about it.

Last night–and let’s be honest, this morning as well–I’ve been obsessively searching my house for a roll of duct tape.

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Duct Tape Makes Ya Handsomer

For nine years, I made Minnesota my home.  It introduced me to many of the finer things in life, although I would be lying if I didn’t put decent wine near the top of that list.  What can I say?  When I arrived in the Land of You Betcha, I had no qualms with drinking the stuff in the box.  Heck, it was a step up from the Boone’s Ferry.  But Minnesota also turned me in to a lover of The Prairie Home Companion and The Red Green Show.  To which you all pause and say, “and….?”

Well, it appears that right along with Red Green, I too must extol the virtues of duct tape.  Obviously my concern is not with whether women are going to find me handy versus handsome.  (For the uninitiated, the line is “if the women don’t find ya handsome, they should at least find ya handy.’)

I have, in my tenure as a home owner and previous college student, found duct tape to be marvelously handy at all kinds of things.  But I have just recently found my new favorite use for duct tape.  And no, it isn’t a RFID shielding wallet.

Duct tape is awesome for minuscule splinter removal.

See, when you get to be pushing 42, you can’t push much more in certain situations.  So there is no way in hell I can either 1) see the splinter on the outside of my left foot, or 2) reach the splinter on the outside of my of left foot.  Both activities necessitates a level of vision and flexibility I no longer possess.  But I do possess a giant roll of handy-dandy duct tape.

Works like ‘lectric!