Be Here And Now

This week has been not my favorite. Like really not my favorite.  This week has been filled to bursting with end-of-school-year busyness, the highs of birthday celebrations, and the lows of losing what is precious. Weeks like this wear me out and leave me aching for something I can’t quite grab — like trying to grab hold of the whirlpool in the bathtub drain; you can feel it, but you can’t capture it. I remember my babies, now very much not babies, when they saw the whirlpools in bathtub drains. Usually it was right before they escaped forever, and my babies were sad and wanted me to bring it back. But I couldn’t. Because the moment had slipped away. Continue reading

The Gifts of Love and a Dog

My doorbell just rang. It was the first time since moving here that I heard only my doorbell ring when someone was at the door. And my heart broke all over again.

This morning at about 10 am, Mister Soandso and I euthanized our beloved Charlie…the brown streak of energy and love that has been such a part of our lives, family, and home for the past nearly ten years.

And when the doorbell rang, he didn’t go running and barking to the door. Continue reading

I Wish I Was My Dog

I have a dog. Charlie is his name. Aside from a few traumatic times in his life such as being homeless and when someone who shall be unnamed amputated his tale in the door, he’s had a pretty great life. We buy him the kibble he likes best, mix it with the wet food he likes best, and then add bits and pieces of steak or pork chops while begging him to end his latest hunger strike. We had to get a bigger couch to accommodate his napping needs. And he has many, many dog toys strewn about the house, yard and even the couch. I mean, what about his life doesn’t sound pretty great, aside from the hygiene techniques and hot sidewalks?

If I could be Charlie, I’d love it. Well, I’d love a few aspects of it, especially the running bit.

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Working Relationships

Over the weekend, we had a guest in our home. His name is Cooper and he is my sister-in-law’s miniature Dachshund. You might remember from other posts here that I have a dog, Charlie. And you might also remember that Charlie is a mix of Boxer and Greyhound. The thought of having two such similar and yet polar opposite dogs in my home made me smile. What can I say, I like Mutt and Jeff scenarios. I really was hoping that they would be a match made in heaven, albeit a doggy-tail-wagging one. Alas, as all veterans of the playground dynamics know, mere proximity alone is not all that is needed to create a meaningful and lasting relationship. Relationships take work.

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The Importance of a Traveling Buddy

When facing the unknown or the next chapter in life, it helps to have a friend to travel that path along side you.  Some of those friends are furry.  Some have bad breath or limp.  Some take up lots of space.  And some never complain or are too busy to give you a hug or stop for a snuggle.  These are fine friends, in deed.  May you always have at least one in your life.

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The Truth About Cats and Dogs

If you have pets, you will deal with some not so fun things.  Poop is really nothing in the big picture. Let’s talk about “infestations” and perhaps you will have the appropriate “creepy-crawly” reaction.

It seems that me, my house, my children, and my pets (aside from the fish thank god) are under the throes of a flea infestation.  Great, first the swine flu and now fleas.  Can’t all the dang bugs just leave me alone?  But this opportunity to scratch myself silly brings to mind a previous pet tragedy.  His name was Sampson.

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More Issues Than Newsweek

I have a bulimic cat and an anorexic dog. This is not a good thing. I mean, what are the odds? Was it something I did? Did I say something that they took the wrong way? I just don’t know. I don’t remember talking about fat grams in Purina versus Iams, but maybe…. I obviously did SOMETHING though, because my pets have issues.

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