The Wonder of One

There’s this notion that having only one of a thing is a good thing. Of course, that notion flies in the face of the adage “you can never have enough of too much of a good thing” and probably a whole host of other idioms that are not coming to my coffee-free mind as of yet.

Now that I’ve had my first sip of French Roast, I should probably amend that paragraph.

According to the common idioms of life in the US, it is very confusing as which is more beneficial: having a whole bunch of something, or having only one of them. I’m guessing the deal-breaker goes to quality over quantity. And that is the wonderful aspect of one that I’m talking about.

When Mister Soandso and I were packing up things, we got to the point where time was in shorter supply than we wanted. I refuse to get to the “black plastic bags” level of packing, so we just got more coffee and packed faster. But I swore to Mister Soandso that just because we were moving two boxes labelled “bathroom” to our apartment, I would not be moving more than one box to the new house. Continue reading

Change and The “Less is More” Train

Summer is always a busy time for me, but this summer is making most summers look peaceful by comparison. Several months ago, Mister Soandso and I decided to sell our house. It is a long story made more interesting with liberal application of wine, but we are happy with our new plan for housing which includes but is not limited to the words: building, permits, construction, sub-division, &*^%, and storage unit.

We first started thinking about downsizing (primarily our mortgage payment rather than our square footage) last year and the whole family was largely on board with the notion of reducing the number of our possessions and such things. But as we got past the point of abstraction, it quickly became clear that not everyone was in the same place of boarding the “less is more” train. Continue reading

Lightening Myself

In the parlance of babies, lightening is the change in a pregnant woman’s body when the baby’s head engages in the pelvis. The baby “drops” and suddenly the woman is able to breathe but now waddles and tries to not laugh or cough with anything in her bladder. It is the first part of that phenomenon that is my focus right now. (Although after 3 babies, heaven knows that I am very aware of emptying my bladder before doing high impact activities such as jump rope!)

The new year always gets me thinking about less. It must be the logical reaction to putting all those Christmas decorations in their Rubbermade totes and lugging them back up to the attic. But each new year, I feel like I should weigh less, have less, be less.

I crave lessness. Continue reading

The Best Laid Plans

At this very moment, I have hanging in my closet a really nice fleece jacket.  It’s the kind that zips into an outer waterproof shell and creates what Columbia Sportswear once termed a “clothing system” but now calls an “interchange”.  In other words, I once had a super-dee-duper winter parka.  The time it got washed with three crayons hidden in Biggest pants’ pocket only heightened the jacket’s awesomeness?  I mean, what jacket wouldn’t be improved with subtle blue, green and red streaks all over it?  But right now, I only have the fleece insert hanging in my hall closet.  Why?  Because somewhere out there, in the wild blue yonder, is the shell to my winter parka.

Continue reading