In 29 Years, Just How Far We’ve Come

I remember the first time I heard the word “AIDS”.  It was in health class back in high school a mere five years after AIDS officially reared its ugly head. To say there was some misinformation involved is a small understatement.  Not much has changed in the 29 years since AIDS first became a recognized health hazard for humanity.  I wish that was not the case, but it is.  Today, regardless of red ribbons and ad campaigns, there are many folks who still consider AIDS to be a problem for “other people” or for “people who deserve it.”

And yet, it is a specter waiting for nearly all of us, at any time.  That’s right.  You, me.  The sexually active, the chaste.  If you live and breathe, you are at risk.  Granted, some folks are at very little risk, but we are all at risk.  And no matter who you are, as a collective species, we are at risk.  For as soon as a person can consider a terrible health concern justifiable for some populations, we as a species have lost something.  Our humanity.

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