Collecting Stuff and Memories

Now that the new year no longer feels really new and most folks have forgotten about their resolutions, I am dusting off the keyboard and spending some time pondering things. Since the kids are home with me today due to Martin Luther King Jr. Day, it seems like as good of a day to be deep in Ponderland as any.

This year, I was in no big hurry to put up the Christmas decorations and found it no problem to put them away quite early. This is not usually the case for me. Usually, I like to get my Christmas tree the weekend after Thanksgiving and I like to pack away the decorations towards the very end of break. I like to have as many mornings as I can, sitting in the quietness lit by the sparkling lights. I like to have as many opportunities to soak up the life of that tree. Continue reading

Putting the Brakes On This Old Train

Today I am thinking about a conversation that took place on my midwife’s exam table accompanied by the sound of crinkling paper. I’ve mentioned earlier on this blog about the time my midwife remarked what a gift it is to be responsible for making the memories of our children. It freaked me out then and it’s still freaking me out now, 13 years later. And since pregnancy is the hot topic of today’s news thanks to Kate Middleton’s upcoming prince or princess, the role of parenting and our children’s ensuing memories seems apropos. At least to me.

Because it is the holidays and I’m not so good at this time of year.

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The Ghosts of Christmas?

We all know Charles Dickens trotted out three ghosts in his A Christmas Carol to illustrate to Ebenezer Scrooge just how he should change his miserable ways.  In one little tale, Dickens introduced the terms “Merry Christmas”, “Bah humbug”, and “Scrooge” into popular vernacular as well as changed the ideals of Christmas.  Suddenly, Christmas became the family and festive-meal-focused event which many folks, Christian and not, celebrate today. But we all know that the tale wouldn’t have had such staying power without the use of ghosts.  Because everybody likes a ghost story.

With that in mind, let me trot out some of my own Christmas ghosts.  Perhaps a little Christmas ghost exorcism will get me in the spirit of things.

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