The Truth About Being a Mother – OR What Hallmark Will Never Put on a Card

A few things come to mind when I ponder the concept, “Mother’s Day.” Namely, “day”, why not “week” or “month.” Seriously, was “Mother’s Week” even in the running? Teachers and secretaries get a whole week for Pete’s sake, why not the Mothers? Actually, how about making Mother’s Day a truly compensatory celebration – say an hour of holiday appreciation for each hour of labor per child? Let’s see. 47 for my first, 3 hours 20 minutes for my second, and let’s say 9 and a half for my third child. That makes my proposed Mother’s Day holiday about 60 hours long. Now, that is an idea that could really take off – especially if a representative from Hallmark hears about it.

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Cinco De Mama-yo

So next Sunday will be my 9th Mother’s Day celebration.  Except Mother’s Day is really not much of a holiday in my book.  Like, didn’t people appreciate their mothers before Hallmark told them to?  And if you spend even 3 minutes, you can find out just what germinated the inkling that Mother’s Day was a good idea.  Of course, then came the onslaught beginning with Father’s Day and heading through every relationship a person can have.

It isn’t that I don’t appreciate the sentiment.  Because I do.  It’s just that for me, May 5th is just way more meaningful.  Because May 5, 2000 was the day I became a mom.

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