Whoo-hoo! It’s Twitchy Time!

So I open up my stats this morning and holy cow – somebody “found” me yesterday.  Considering even I didn’t head over here, I was surprised to see so many hits in one day.  So, while I was putting ornaments on my wee Christmas tree, somebody was reading all about my little musings on life.  Hmm, at least I had a cup of cocoa to keep me company.  🙂

This is the time of year that really brings out the worst in me.  It seems like with every box I bring down from the attic, my “twitchiness” factor ratchets up a notch.  Anybody else get a little rattled by stuff laying about the house?  What with all the kids’ stuff and now bits and pieces of garland and glitter (aptly coined the herpes of the craft world by someone way more funny than I), I am twitching more than something really twitchy.

So, I guess the only solution is to go get some organizational magic accomplished.  Too bad a nap sounds so much more appealing.  Have a great Monday everybody!


Prime Real Estate

So, I don’t know about the state of your kitchen, but my particular “state of the nation” is really all about some of the most prime real estate on the planet.  As in the 4 inches of space on the front of the counters and shelves in the refrigerator.  Every time I walk into my kitchen to do anything more complicated than pour a cup of coffee, I am reminded that what I want my world to look like is far, far from what it actually looks like.  Even more depressing is that I have come to see that the state of my kitchen pretty much mirrors the state of my life in general.

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Me, The Anti-Martha

Today is going to be one of those days.  You know the kind I’m referring to – the kind where nothing goes exactly as planned and you can’t decide if the best course of action is just to call a mulligan, or start drinking, regardless of what time it is.  If I could think of a breakfast food that red wine actually tastes good with, well I might pour a glass.  But I’ve never read that little notion on any bottle of Merlot I’ve ever purchased…hints of apricot and oak, goes well with egg dishes and Cheerios.

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