Dealing With Disappointment

I am freshly returned from sixteen day’s travel in France and London and had planned on posting some lovely travel related ditty today.  But life is full of twists and turns and so this post will follow that way.  But don’t worry.  I’ll bore you with travel stories soon.  Just not today.

Jutting out into the Pacific Ocean is a point of land that always reminds me of a bony chin.  In 1788, Captain John Meares named that bony outcropping Cape Disappointment as a way of summing up his failure to find what is now known as the Columbia River.  Travel to Cape Disappointment today and you will see the most frequently visited Washington State Park.  There is no disappointment to be found anywhere.  Just lovely beaches, beautiful trees, and the oldest still-functioning lighthouse on the west coast.  Time has passed and what was once disappointing has instead turned into a thing of wonder.

And isn’t that how life is?

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