The Bosc Pear Woes

Here’s a taste of my recent performance at Mom Shop 2.  Hope you like it.

When I was young and had time to think of such things, I liked to think of what I would do when I was an adult. I was going to sip coffee in Paris, perhaps infiltrate the KGB as a secret agent. I would live in an ultra modern high rise overlooking Central Park and tempt fate by driving a roadster while wearing long scarves. I would be beautiful and vivacious and stunning to behold. It didn’t really work out that way, now did it? Uhuh, I stand before you, living the wild life I dreamed of: wife, mother of three, driving a minivan no less. Let’s just say that my life hasn’t turned out quite like I had planned it. Three kids will do that to you.

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The Booty-Full Body, or New Year’s Resolutions For All!

First off, let me just state  this simple fact:  I have a big butt.  We pear-shaped gals have lots going on in the butt-department, and not so much in the boob-department.  For me, this has long been a source of major emotional angst.  I’m a white girl – white girls are not supposed to have big butts, no matter how much Sir Mix-A-Lot likes them.  In my little social circles, a white girl with a big butt is, well, the butt of the jokes.

I have two choices:  move to a more ethnic neighborhood, or accept that this is the shape my particular chromosomal arrangement gave me and move on emotionally.  Frankly, I like my house.  So, perhaps my New Year’s Resolution should be to drop 15 pounds and find a way to be happy with the way I look – including my butt.

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