I’m Giving Up

I’ve decided to give up.

I’ve decided to give up hating myself and my body for things that at some point became my standard of “value” or “good” or “attractive.” I’m giving all that up. No, I’m not planning on sitting on the couch mainlining chocolate and Fritos and washing it all down with soda and hot cocoa. But I am planning on smiling at myself in the mirror more and not wasting another minute on comparing myself with someone else who might not actually even exist.

I read the other day something along the lines of “if we stopped hating ourselves, think of all the businesses that would go under.” Imagine that, will you? Just how many industries exist solely to convince you that you are not good enough the way you are. Continue reading


Putting The Parts Together or Why We Should Get Naked

I’ve told a joke before that always gets the laughs and always gets people coming up after the show to talk about it.  It goes like this:  “Ladies, let me tell you a little secret.  Men may like perfect women’s bodies, but that’s not what they’re attracted to.  Men are attracted to what they have access to.  Sexy is all about proximity.”  And folks laugh because it’s true.

But that which is funny is often built upon what makes us twitch a bit.  And the fact of the matter is most of us are very uncomfortable with our bodies and what makes us feel sexy and all that.  I think the solution is putting the parts together and getting naked.  And I’m happy to explain.

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