On Being More Rainbowy

After I get my kids and husband out the door in the morning, I like to pour myself a cup of coffee and just be still for a bit. Usually I watch the birds out my window and check social media to see what folks near and far are up to. This morning was pretty much the same even though everyone was mysteriously ready nearly five minutes early. The door closed, the garage door came back down, and the dog looked at me as if to ask if it was okay to come lay by my feet. The coffee steamed and the birds sang outside. Continue reading


I’m Giving Up

I’ve decided to give up.

I’ve decided to give up hating myself and my body for things that at some point became my standard of “value” or “good” or “attractive.” I’m giving all that up. No, I’m not planning on sitting on the couch mainlining chocolate and Fritos and washing it all down with soda and hot cocoa. But I am planning on smiling at myself in the mirror more and not wasting another minute on comparing myself with someone else who might not actually even exist.

I read the other day something along the lines of “if we stopped hating ourselves, think of all the businesses that would go under.” Imagine that, will you? Just how many industries exist solely to convince you that you are not good enough the way you are. Continue reading