Turns Out, Batman Trumps Mickey Mouse

Because parenting is really only a “wait a second and this will change” kind of thing, here’s the latest in my little land of potty training.  You may have read that using the power of Superheros seemed like a good way to jump start my 3 year old’s potty training process.  (The Power of Superhero Underwear) Now it’s time for the update.  Seasoned potty veterans probably know what is coming after the jump.

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The Power of Superhero Underwear

Ever been part of the potty-training process and you’ve been part of a whole lotta fun.  My third has been working on this concept for what feels like forever now.  He turned 3 last June and what had been going well took a turn for the worse after a week-long camping trip.  A word to the wise:  taking a potty chair camping is not always the sign of a good time. Continue reading