Rage of Kali or Patience of Job?

This is the second post of a five-part guest blog series.

Tracie Welser is a graduate of the 2010 Clarion West Writers Workshop. When she’s not parenting or teaching Women’s Studies and grammar in a classroom near you, she might be obsessing over owls, drumming, stories about time travel, or utopias and dystopias at www.thisisnotanowl.com.

As this blog tells me with humor and flair, I’m not alone in the daily struggle to carve out space for my creative life. Disruptive energy brews and swirls around kids in the palpable manner of that cute little dust cloud following Pigpen around in Charlie Brown comics. When my son comes near me, my internal red-alert sounds. I automatically guard my toes against inadvertent stomping, and I clutch personal electronics closer in hopes they aren’t about to be shorted out by squirted CapriSun. The creative work of my brain switches to a subroutine in the background while my forebrain attempts to answer endless questions, such as “Mommy, why was the Arc de Triomphe built?” and “What is this I found in my nose?” and “Do you think Mothman sightings are real?”

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