Pooping May Kill

I know, I know. That title may come off as a bit extreme and even perhaps misleading because we all know that its far more likely that not pooping would be a more probable cause of death. But recent events have led me to believe that all those famous folks who are reported to have died on the toilet were probably not simply victims of bad hearts or poorly timed drug overdoses. Nay, they were most likely victims of poorly aligned vertebrae. Anecdotal evidence only holds so much credence, but seriously, it is possible to put your back out while using the toilet. And when that happens, you may just want to die right there on the commode like the rockstar you are. Continue reading

Insert Good Story Here

Today is the kind of day where everything is going badly.

Littlest is sick. Again. This time it is a fever and cough. Which is less messy than the fever and vomit of last weekend but no less difficult.

Last night while cleaning out the fish tank I did something horrid to my back. Yes, I know all about back safety but I hurt it anyway. Leaning over the tub, dumping out a bucket of water I felt something like an ice pick in my lower spine. Then, it was like a bubble was growing in my lower back, expanding pain up and through my spine. Yep, it was marvelous. Managed a few hours of sleep on ibuprofen and an ice pack.

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Stretching Myself…

My morning began with a quick read of Linda Grime’s blog post on Gumby.  In it, she asks just how flexible we are, both physically and mentally.  Which, of course, got me to thinking about my own flexibility issues.

In many ways, I am very flexible.  The week before delivering Middlest, I remember being able to still stretch around that ginourmous belly and put my palms on the floor.  I did it in front of my speech class and they were all suitably impressed.  But that show of flexibility is a bit of a parlor trick.

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