Why All Ambassadors Should Be Parents

First off, sorry for the absence.  It is amazingly difficult to post to one’s blog when one’s house is under a major construction project.  In case I haven’t whined about this of late, during this horrendously cold weather (dating back to before Christmas…and it is now February!) the entire southern side of my already rather drafty house has been torn off and replaced with a very she-she blue tarp.  Nice, eh?  It wouldn’t be so bad if this were the Amazonian rainforest, but when it is snowing on you and all that stands between you and the elements is a sheet of drywall and a blue tarp, the whole process loses a bit of its “good idea-ness”.  And, of course, there has been a couple of opportunities to have some meeting of the minds and try to figure out the best way to fix this whole project (which was preceded by a major find not of gold bullion in the walls, but dry rot and more dry rot).  It would be different if we had unlimited resources available for this home repair, but we’re living in the same economy as everybody else.

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