In A Flash

I was blessed to have a week of vacation with my family at the end of August. As a former coastline dweller, it is important to me to get some salt air in my lungs, feel some sand between my toes, a hear some sea life. It was a great trip to the beach! But then we were doubly blessed to spend some time over the mountains in the Bend area.

In case you are from some other place in the world, let this native Oregonian tell you a truth. There is something about this place. Trust me, it’s a beautiful and diverse place. Back in my Minnesota days, oh how I missed the mountains! Let me tell you, my heart got happier as soon as I saw Mt. Hood over the wing of the plane.

Anyway, it’s pretty great here. And there’s lots of things to do and see, especially if you like the great outdoors. Continue reading

The Passage of Time is Uneven

For me, the passage of time is uneven.  It is as if my whole life is a passage of events, as if time travels in a herky-jerky fashion.  And what heralds time’s passing are key events, caught in my mind like specimens caught in amber.

Each generation has its moments.  Events that are forever caught in the collective memories and that changed who the collective was and would be.  My mother told me of her “JFK moment.”  That moment in high school chemistry when she learned her President had been shot.  I don’t have a JFK moment.  But I have others.  Other moments that changed my timeline and in doing so, changed me.  The moments that I look back and think of as the bits and pieces of my life.

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