Being Better

This past week has had 2 of my kids sick with colds and 1 kiddo feeling stiff and sore from running. I’m happy to report that all three are feeling better.

I’m doing better too. I think. I definitely don’t feel quite as madly whirling about the place like a gyroscope that’s lost its bearing. So I guess I am better.

Better – a word of comparison. I’m better than her or him or an earlier version of myself. Continue reading

Living In Interesting Times

Sitting here at my dining table, I am surrounded by chaos. Seriously. We’ve been gone camping. This is our family tradition…at summer’s end, we gather up all and sundry and trek somewhere for a week of resetting our biorhythms, eating S’Mores, and turning our collective backs on technology. But when we return from all that resetting of ourselves, the house is a disaster for longer than I can tolerate.

Genius that I am, I decided that in addition to washing sundry and its friends, I would also reorganize the kitchen pantry before making the weekly menu yesterday. The crazy is strong with this one, let me tell you. Continue reading

A Day of Parades and Tattered Cardboard

I have to admit that Memorial Day, like Veteran’s Day, affects me little. I’ve lost no one dear to me and so while I appreciate the sacrifices made by our military service men and women, my heart doesn’t ache today like so many folks’ hearts ache.

And that’s the real problem, me thinks. Continue reading

Measuring Life In Coffee Spoons

So you read that title and some of you are now quoting the rest of TS Elliot’s The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock and the rest of you are probably worried about if you need to stage an intervention for my coffee problem. Either group of you are good folks and I’m glad to have you. But if you don’t know The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock, feel free to go give it a read. Don’t worry, I’ll just have another cup of coffee while you’re gone.

There, wasn’t that a simply divine poem? And no, I don’t have it memorized. I’m not that sort of soul. But I also don’t think that makes a body terribly impressive aside from being able to perform at boring cocktail parties. And heaven knows, I can “perform” at any cocktail party with or without Elliot’s mastery. Continue reading

Thanks, I Can Do It Myself

On Saturday night, Mister Soandso and I were on our way home from a benefit dinner we hosted for a Ugandan relief project. While we had great fun preparing and serving the meal, afterwards we both decided we were in the mood for a margarita. We stopped at a local restaurant that serves a mean margarita and a damn fine bowl of guacamole. Continue reading

This and That

I have found that I often think of my new house as feeling like a tree house and thus, describe it that way in spite of having its foundation firmly in the ground. I suppose it’s the best of both worlds, really. Firmly connected to the earth but feeling the lightness of the air.  From the street, it looks like one kind of house, yet from the back of the lot, it looks like another. It’s both a bit of this and that.

But at night, when I turn off the lights and get ready for bed, I almost always pause and look out my windows. And I feel like I live in a tree house. And then, when I take the dog out in the early morning shadows of the taller houses near us, there is no mistake that I live very close to the ground indeed. As the only house in my neighborhood with a daylight basement, my  house is a little of this and a lot of that. Continue reading

Live Long and Prosper

Hi folks. In between gathering up all the towels to put in the wash and pour another cup of coffee, I saw the news that Leonard Nimoy has died.

A friend on Twitter retweeted Nimoy’s final tweet:

“Life is like a garden. Perfect moments can be had, but not preserved, except in memory. LLAP”

You are among the stardust for real now Mister Nimoy. You did live long and you did prosper. And may the memories of you be colorful and as perfect as any garden planted by any hand.

May each of us go out today and tend the gardens of our life so that memories can be long and colorful.

Be well my friends. Be well.