Everything Is Silent

Last week I developed laryngitis. In my world, laryngitis is a seasonal thing I know will show up at least a few times every year. Normally I don’t mind it terribly because I’m not a big fan of my voice, it being rather stupid sounding and all. So having a different sounding voice is always a bit like a nice change as far as I’m concerned.

But this was not that sort of laryngitis. This was the sort that instead of making me sound Lauren Bacall-esque, it made me sound silent. As in I lost my whole voice. And, of course, I was scheduled to be talking on Sunday. Continue reading

Praying For Rain

The sky outside my window is gray, but the sun is stubbornly trying to break through. From the blue stripes, it looks like the sun will win.

The sun needs to lose. At least for a few days. Because what we need right now isn’t more sun. We need rain. We desperately need a week of gentle but steady rain because my corner of the world is on fire.

Here in the northwest, fire is not an uncommon thing. Fire season technically starts in September, but this year September came early and all those beautiful trees are very, very dry. And so are the grasses and sage brush and all the other growing things that makes the northwest such a very beautiful and cherished place in this world.

And so very much of it is on fire right now. Continue reading

The Gifts of Love and a Dog

My doorbell just rang. It was the first time since moving here that I heard only my doorbell ring when someone was at the door. And my heart broke all over again.

This morning at about 10 am, Mister Soandso and I euthanized our beloved Charlie…the brown streak of energy and love that has been such a part of our lives, family, and home for the past nearly ten years.

And when the doorbell rang, he didn’t go running and barking to the door. Continue reading

A Day of Parades and Tattered Cardboard

I have to admit that Memorial Day, like Veteran’s Day, affects me little. I’ve lost no one dear to me and so while I appreciate the sacrifices made by our military service men and women, my heart doesn’t ache today like so many folks’ hearts ache.

And that’s the real problem, me thinks. Continue reading

If You Go First

This past weekend was an unusual one for me and my family. For the first time in what felt like close to forever, we didn’t have anything on the calendar. Instead, it was a weekend of taking our time, enjoying one another’s company, and pausing so we didn’t miss the nightly sun set.

It was the kind of weekend that reminds me of all the wonderful gifts in my life, especially the four people in this universe who mean the most to me. Continue reading

When the Going is Slow

First off, hi there. Secondly, take a moment if you will to go read this awesome poem “Where Have You Been?” by my young friend Kate Borman. She was sweet enough to include me in a blog hoppy award gizmo, but the real prize is her poem.

Thirdly, back to me.

So I’m writing again. Well, trying to write again. And it’s going slow at best and not at all for the most part.

Continue reading

Ode to Toast

First off, this isn’t an ode. Not in the real, Webster’s definition, kind of way. It’s more of a blog about toast. Maybe a blogode? Or what ee cummings would have written about toast if he was a toast-eating, ode-eating dude in 2013 with a blog. Whatever, this is about toast. If you can’t handle my mangling of the ode format, you need more toast in your life. Continue reading