As A Comic

final03“In January, 2009, Kristina Lea realized a life-long dream of “trying stand-up, just once” when she took the stage for the debut of  the Time Out Show: The Mother of All Comedies.”

Since that first show, I have been hooked.  I can’t think of a time in my life when I haven’t been looking to tell a joke or make somebody smile.  After all, I was raised by a father whose motto is:  “if it ain’t fatal, it’s funny.”

I was that kid who told jokes out on the playground or made sarcastic comments from the back of the classroom.  Not to be naughty, but because I loved it when my classmates  laughed with me and not at me.

I have been lucky to receive encouragement from lots of folks along my comedic journey – it started with my students years ago who told me I actually “was funny, instead of how most teachers just think they are funny.”  My sister and husband held my Nervous-Nelly hand that first gig and my kids give me lots of stories to tell/embellish.  Many of my friends come to my shows even though they can hear my funny take on life for free, any time they give me a call or go out to coffee with me.

But the best encouragement comes from the folks at the shows – the people who come up to tell me they had a great time.  Or that they laughed so hard they peed themselves or snorted a beer out their nose.  Comics love that kind of feedback.

I am currently on hiatus as I focus on my novel and short story writing. But, of course, I’m still thinking up sets which I perform for my pets while folding the laundry. They are a surprisingly tough audience.

(Also for hire is AJ’s Studio – my personal photographer and the genius behind my profile pictures here.  Give Amy a call – she’ll make you look fantastic!  I promise.)

6 thoughts on “As A Comic

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    • Wow – you’re quite the knitting queen. Me? Not so much. Well, if you only count finished pieces. Hmm, may have to blog about my trouble with knitting. It would be a tragedy/comedy of course. 🙂

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  3. I would love to know more about your comedy group.

    I, too, have never felt more at home than the 3 times in my life that I’ve been on stage.

    No stage fright..and all the zing of adrenaline that I love.

    I really want to know how you found this troupe.

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