Springing Into Our New Normal

Last spring I finally became the owner of a magnolia bush. There is something about a magnolia and its herald of springtime that has always made me happy. So having my own magnolia out in the front yard, whispering that spring was approaching made me so happy. I love how the spring plants and trees hold their secrets like happy children – just about bursting with the joy of it – going from nothing but empty branches to gorgeous flowers overnight.

At the end of February, the magnolia’s branches covered themselves in tiny green buds. All I could think of was that we were all holding our breath in a moment of great anticipation.

Of course, what we were really anticipating was far less joyful than flowers.

Today marks the 75th case of COVID-19 in my community. In the time it took for my magnolia bush to bud, 75 people have a very different future ahead of them.

I feel like every day I’m holding my breath – waiting for what is coming.

And I fear what is coming is going to change everything we once believed we knew. I fear this spring is taking us into a new normal.

2 thoughts on “Springing Into Our New Normal

  1. I’m not sure normal is even going to be a thing anymore, but I try to be hopeful that some new, okay, version of normal may be.

  2. I share these thoughts and fears … and yet, all that aside, find myself so very, very glad to see your words in my feed this morning. It’s a little, welcome light here, from a different blog (on my end) than when we first connected so many years back.

    Wishing health, for you and everyone, everywhere. Would that it could be so …

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