Friendship, Words, and Reading

One of the best parts of living on the outskirts of the writing community is that I have been able to meet many writers over the years. Even better is the fact that I am lucky to call a handful or so “friend” and mean it in more than the “I interact with them on social media” fashion. One of those wonderful writer friends is Kerry Schafer. Kerry recently shared with me a digital copy of her latest novel and I thought that my first blog post in nearly a year would be a good place to talk about friendship, Kerry, and her books.

518edz1m7el-_sx322_bo1204203200_I have been reading Kerry’s words since her first book, Between, came out in 2013. I devoured Between while camping that summer. While I’m not typically a huge fan of the fantasy genre, Kerry is a good storyteller so she hooked me – to the extent that all three of the Between series sits on my bookshelf.

That storytelling skill continues with her latest series, The Shadow Valley Manor with Dead Before Dying and now World Tree Girl

Technically, World Tree Girl is a stand alone novel, but I feel like some of the story is helped by having already met Maureen Keslyn and her fellow “ghost hunters”. I suppose that’s a bit misleading – you really don’t need to read the first book, but you really should. By the way, they aren’t ghost hunters per se- but like the blurb on the front cover says, there is a very X-File vibe to the work that Maureen does…rather than risk spoilers, let me just describe her as a ghost-like hunter and you can come up with your own description after you’ve read it.

I think my favorite thing that Kerry has done in this book is to create a great protagonist who is as atypical as her job. She’s not a gorgeous, nubile 20-something-year-old. Instead, she’s a bit broken, a bit rough around the edges, a bit like how you’d expect a woman to be with a resume strong enough to hunt “ghosts”.

I think that is why I adore Kerry and her writing. She writes fierce women who are like women you know. Women who have stayed up all night – perhaps watching over a sick child, or waiting for a teenager to creep in hours after curfew, or enjoying the touch of a lover. Real women we all know and probably are when we need to be – it’s just that Kerry’s real women also know all about ghosts, monsters, and dragons.

When I read Kerry’s books, I get to hold a little bit of Kerry in my hands – because she’s fierce and caring and loving…just like her characters.

Thank you my friend, for letting me know you more by knowing your characters. World Tree Girl is a beautiful continuation of your way with words.

ps. this is my first post in almost a year. Wow. I was just telling a friend that it feels like my well of words has run dry. She gently suggested that perhaps this is just my time of laying fallow in order for more fertile writing in the future. I’m not sure about that. I’m not sure about much these days aside from needing to find my way through these days. I am so thankful for the friends in my life who have stayed beside me all this time.