Groot And The Family Dud

You know how they say opposites attract? Well, Mister Soandso and I knew from our first Halloween together that we were opposites. He’s a Halloween sort of guy and I’m pretty much a Halloween dud. He got dry ice and black lighting to spookify our front porch. I bought candy. And then consoled him which chocolate when we got 1 Trick or Treater.

I know I’ve written about that before but this past weekend served to remind me how much of a dud I am when it comes to my family. I’m not really the dud of my family. Not in the bad pancake sort of way. Much. But I’m not as much fun as everyone else, so in that way, I am pretty dudly. Most times I don’t mind being the dud, but sometimes life reminds you of your shortcomings and life has a bit more sting than usual.

Everyone in my family loves Halloween. Mister Soandso, all 3 of my kids, and all 3 of my siblings. They. Love. Halloween. Me, eh.

Mostly I like the Almond Joys that get left in the candy bucket. It isn’t that I hate the holiday, but it just seems like a lot of work without a huge ROI. You have to admit, there’s some pretty big outlay in finances and effort when it comes to being a Halloween aficionado.

For years I kept this a secret…even a socially inept person such as myself knows better than to admit when a holiday is sort of tepid in one’s book because for the folks who like a holiday, well, admitting you don’t share their level of enthusiasm is like farting in the reading circle in 1st grade.

Some things are better held in.

But then there’s the photographic evidence. And it can be hard to argue against photographic evidence.

When we were looking back at our Halloween 2015 photos, I remarked that I look pretty dudly compared to everyone else…to which Mister Soandso replied, “I said I’d get you a real costume but you didn’t want to. So no complaining.” (Or something along those lines. I may have been too preoccupied trying to find a flattering photo of myself to pay really close attention to him at that moment. Failed on 2 counts right about then.)

IMG_0011The photo in question? Check out Mister Soandso’s handiwork. He’s getting ready to start working on our annual Christmas Video-card so he was playing with his photo stuff. I swear, marrying an art major is both a great idea and cause for tears.

The great idea is because, well, art. The tears part is because all 4 of them are way more arty and creative and, well, fun, than I am. (Insert apology for poor writing; I’m too verklempt to string together words more cogently than this at the moment.)

When Mister Soandso and the kids first floated the idea of being characters from Guardians of the Galaxy for Halloween, I was “sure, sounds fun!” and thought we’d be doing more of a “nod” towards GOTG than full-on near cosplaying them. I figured, “hey! I’ll make my hair crazy, wear a Groot tee-shirt, maybe carry around a terra cotta pot and call it good.”

Obviously I had forgotten that my family are decidedly un-duds at Halloween.

I may be the dud of the family when it comes to Halloween, but Biggest will remind me and everyone else that I am pretty awesome at making snacks and other such things. So at least I’ve got that going for me.

But honestly, I really am sort of the Groot of the family. I’m not fancy; I’m pretty boring in fact. But I’m willing to do whatever it takes to protect my family even if it is at a great cost to myself. And every once in a while, I can be a bit sparkly. So I chose my character well, even if I was a bit of a dud when it came to being in costume.

I may be a dud, but I am Groot enough to accept that about myself. However, just wait for Thanksgiving…I go all out for that one.

Here’s some more photos from our Halloween fun. Enjoy! Sorry about the wonky formatting. Some technology is over my wee head.


Mister Soandso painting Middlest while I'm painting him. She's telling me it tickles.

Mister Soandso painting Middlest while I’m painting him. She’s telling me it tickles.


Finished product: GAMORA with her sword.

Finished product: GAMORA with her sword.


FYI, there's a big difference between the $29.99 and $14.99 faux fur. Don't make my mistake, folks!

FYI, there’s a big difference between the $29.99 and $14.99 faux fur. Don’t make my mistake, folks! Your ROCKET will thank you.


When you resemble Peter Quill, don't fight it. Embrace your inner STAR LORD!

When you resemble Peter Quill, don’t fight it. Embrace your inner STAR LORD!




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"DRAX" doesn't want me to take his photo while he's taking photos. Tough.

“DRAX” doesn’t want me to take his photo while he’s taking photos. I’m not a good listener.

  • "GROOT" care of Littlest. Not too bad for a raccoon with an iPhone.

    “GROOT” care of Littlest. Not too bad for a raccoon with an iPhone.