Being Better

This past week has had 2 of my kids sick with colds and 1 kiddo feeling stiff and sore from running. I’m happy to report that all three are feeling better.

I’m doing better too. I think. I definitely don’t feel quite as madly whirling about the place like a gyroscope that’s lost its bearing. So I guess I am better.

Better – a word of comparison. I’m better than her or him or an earlier version of myself.

I don’t necessarily think there is anything wrong with comparison, except for when it is.

IMG_9545So for today, I’m focusing on not being better than anybody else besides myself. Because I’ll always be better than somebody else and way less better than many more. Today I am focusing on being better at being a part of a better collective.

Imagine that…a better human existence, a better humanity, a better version of all of us.

I think that would be lovely.

And it starts with me.

Be better…