The Play’s The Thing

Today won’t be much in the way of a blog post – it’s the last day of spring break as well as the last day of sunshine we’ll be getting for several days. So I’m off this morning to take the kids to do something. I don’t have a plan per se although my children would say I do have an agenda, but I do want to get them outside before the heavens unleash their wetness upon us.

So, I guess I do have an agenda.

1. Get outside without needing a rain coat.

2. Spend time together.

3. Do something that feels playful.

4. Eat doughnuts.

Of all those things, I’m not sure what the optimum order should be because they all seem to be important. However, perhaps lowly number three should be either in the number one or the number four spot, rather than three. I say this because, depending on if you like to build up or start at the top and go down, it seems like being playful might be the most important thing to do today. Hmm, I should probably reorder them. After all, the Bard did say that the play’s the thing…

Well, whatever. We’ll be out there, doing as much as we can. And I’ll be back on Monday. After I’m done playing.