This and That

I have found that I often think of my new house as feeling like a tree house and thus, describe it that way in spite of having its foundation firmly in the ground. I suppose it’s the best of both worlds, really. Firmly connected to the earth but feeling the lightness of the air.  From the street, it looks like one kind of house, yet from the back of the lot, it looks like another. It’s both a bit of this and that.

But at night, when I turn off the lights and get ready for bed, I almost always pause and look out my windows. And I feel like I live in a tree house. And then, when I take the dog out in the early morning shadows of the taller houses near us, there is no mistake that I live very close to the ground indeed. As the only house in my neighborhood with a daylight basement, my  house is a little of this and a lot of that.

It seems like all my life is a bit of this and that. Good and bad, easy and hard. Slow and fast, rich and poor. I suppose the dichotomy of things is as much a part of the human condition as anything else and my rumination on it is neither insightful nor unique. But in writing these words, it has gotten me to thinking about the fullness of my life’s experience. Although parts often seem “good” or “bad” in reality there is both good and bad, this and that, in all parts of my life. Every good day has included something else, and every terrible day has offered up some tiny hints of greatness as well.

This spring has been like that as well. A little bit sunny days and lashing rain. Gentle breezes and toppled trees brought down by heavy wind.

For my friends and family, this spring as also been lots of this and that. Good news and heartbreak. Extra cash allowing for changes, zero balances and panic.

It’s funny how as a child I never noticed how the pendulum swung. Perhaps my childhood’s pendulum was stuck too far to one side to allow for much more “that” than the daily “this.” I’m not sure; it could be that all these years have clouded my memories and judgement. Or it could be that these days I’m just more likely to notice the dichotomies all around me.

Yesterday the wind blew so hard, all my garbage cans and recycling bins flew across my yard, strewing all sorts of debris about the place. Walking to dog required skirting downed limbs and branches. The rain was hard and steady most of the day and my mood wasn’t so great. And yet by evening, things had already turned around. Today has a blue sky and a gentle breeze and I can feel my smile just waiting to break free.

These days are a bit of this and a bit of that. And today, because the sky is clear up here in the tree house, it’s okay.

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  1. You amaze me! The ease with which you draw life lessons from everyday insights and observations is way beyond me. You teach us all how to look closely, how to smile at the little things, and be grateful for what we have. Thanks you, dear friend. 🙂

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