Getting Through

I opened up Facebook this morning and within 3 stories I was giggling. Well, maybe not giggling as that gives the connotation of light-heartedness. I suppose I was snorting in a sort of mildly irritated, derisive way but that sounds so not-so-attractive that I want to purport to having giggled instead.

Oh dear, I had a moment there. Forgive me.

The fact is, story 1 was extolling the virtues of the 52-Week Money Challenge. Story 2 was a birthday wish on a friend’s page. And story 3 was telling me to not do the 52-Week Money Challenge. Whaaaa? I feel so confused.

Anyone have this same experience every time one goes to the grocery store? One tabloid screams that couple “x” is definitely never getting married ever and the one next to it has tangible proof that the couple’s love is alive and well. Color me confused and conflicted. (Also, not really caring about anyone’s love life aside from me and Mister Soandso’s.)

In fact, our lives are filled to bursting with conflicting information.

One resource tells us to eat one thing to optimize our health, another tells us to avoid it. One parenting book tells us to make our children cry themselves to sleep, another tells us to never do this because it causes lasting damage. One magazine tells us one thing and another tells us the opposite.

It’s like media is messing with us.

And in some cases, it is. Or it is just doing whatever it can to make a buck.

However, I think there is a truth to be found in the conflicting advice we get from everyone out there that learns we are struggling with our weight, sleepless babies, or relationships, as well as just about everything else.

Solutions conflict because there is no one universal truth aside from this: you are an individual so your individual mileage may/will vary.

My truth, that I try to shine bright when faced will all those social media “truths” out there is this: the only way is through and all I can ask of myself is to do today what it takes to get through.

There is no right way to do anything whether that is grief, love, success, failure, happiness, sadness, whatever. The only right way is your way because you are the only one who is putting your footprints in the sand.

So let’s all just get through whatever this is, be it happy or sad, a moment to savor or a moment to survive.

Get through it.

IMG_0046But I do recommend asking someone to travel with you. To take the hands held out in solidarity. To accept the hugs offered in kindness. To hold in the darkness whatever sustains you. It seems like getting through this along side someone or something else makes it much more likely that you won’t care what you weigh, sleep will refresh you better regardless of how long it lasts, and your relationships will be more meaningful even with mere acquaintances.

But then again, your mileage may vary.

ps. I’ve used this photo of Littlest and me before. It snapped it several years ago on a fall day as we left the dentist’s office. I love that he still holds my hand — boy is that going to be a hard day, when he lets go of my hand and never picks it up again. Of course, I won’t know that’s what is happening because it won’t register right then. I don’t know when Biggest did that, let go of my hand, but I know it did happen sometime maybe around the age Littlest is right now. Today is a good day, so thinking about that doesn’t make me tear-up. Instead, I’m able to focus on the important part…that my children have been right here, along side me as I journey from there to here and beyond. I suppose it doesn’t matter as much if they hold my hand as much as it matters that they are there, with me as I get through the sunny days and dark days alike.

Blessings friends. Thanks for being alongside me all these years and 548 posts.