Friday It Up!

Earlier this morning I tweeted “Advil starting to kick in. Ah…let’s Friday it up, folks.” In quick succession, two of my Twitter folks responded to that tweet which got me thinking about gerunds, social media, and Fridays. As one does, obviously.

First off, I adore the community I have carved out for myself on Twitter. The folks I follow are largely folks I’d actually want to go have coffee with, or people whom making small talk would be fun and not a challenge. Does that make sense? There are lots and lots of people whose company I enjoy when I’m around them, but having conversations with me require me to engage my full-extrovert-skills. Somedays I just don’t have that in me. Because I’m a creative type which means all that natural extroversion takes a toll. In other words, my extroverted self is balanced against a soul which can easily be trampled by all the noise and energy of mishmashing people.

Golly. I have no idea if that made any sense. I may need to think about how to explain the phenomenon known as my psyche.

As far as gerunds go, what’s not to like? The gerund is proof that we and our puny abilities (or inabilities, see above) to communicate are evolving and improving. I remember when I first met the word GERUND and I was all “Whoa, doggie. That is awesome.” I’m still pretty much saying the same thing. Gerunds are fun and often explain a situation more clearly than other, more common words.

And speaking of being clearly communicated, I think Friday (and it’s less favored sibling Monday) really are gerunds that just haven’t been adopted as such yet.

Think of that. If you are having a “Friday” it is probably a day with just a bit more spring in it’s proverbial step, sun in spite of the clouds, glass half full sort of day. Am I right? A “Monday” may seem to be a day that takes more effort, is more frustrating, or just not quite as happy making.

In reality, there’s only two things that really distinguish these days: their placement on a calendar and our attitudes.

And it that attitude that I was getting at this morning.

Let’s Friday it up, folks. Let’s see this day as a good one if only because of it’s place at the start of our week-END rather than our week-BEGIN. Let’s see this day as a good one because it is friend-FULL rather than work-FULL. Let’s see this day as a good one because it is a day to thrive and not just survive.

And on Monday, let’s Friday it up too.

Because I think we could all use a little bit more Fridaying, regardless of what the calendar says.


2 thoughts on “Friday It Up!

  1. Ah, the full extrovert skills. I understand that so much. I need downtime at least twice as long as the extrovert skills are needed. Sometimes more.

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