Snow Days Thinking Days

Here in my bit of the northwest, we don’t get much of the white stuff. We can, however, drive for not too terribly long and have lots of the stuff in case you are feeling sorry for me. So you can imagine the types of emotions and driving experiences for the mighty fine folks here as we experience several inches of snow.

The words “snow” and “day” are pretty much all it takes to summarize those things.

It also brings to mind how different one reacts to news of a snow day based purely on two things: are you an adult or a child, and are you able to work from home or are you required to get to a work place by a certain time. Either of these scenarios mightily impacts the snow day allure, let me tell you.

Luckily for me, my kids are old enough that they can get themselves into whatever snow gear they can rustle up in our rain-friendly home. Doubly lucky for me, I have been conducting the work of my life via the kitchen table and couch with no complaints from the powers that be. So that’s all good.

But Mister Soandso headed off this morning and I’ll wait with bated, albeit minty-fresh breath until he gets home.

Because we are having the kind of luck lately where I now have a dent on my van. From some unknown vehicle. From in the middle of the night when there was no snow, rain, or other meteorological oddities to blame for hitting my parked Odyssey in the middle of the night.

Imagine the calamities that could befall us what with Mister Soandso actually driving his car in the same vicinity as other drivers not known for their driving prowess on icy, snow packed roads.

It’s a good thing my liquor cabinet is well stocked, that’s all I can say. I can add something medicinal to this hot chocolate that I’m going to need to drink after I traipse through the snow to get the garbage cans out of the alley.

Enjoy your snow day if you have one. They are really quite good at reminding adults how much fun it was to be a playful person, aka a child. So think on that, and not if your car insurance is paid up. Unless, of course, it isn’t. Go pay your bill and then think about playing in the snow. 

1 thought on “Snow Days Thinking Days

  1. Reversed rolls here, I stay home DW drives, but she was raised in Missouri where, for the most part people go on with their lives when it snows, and she knows how to drive in it pretty well. Course it’s those Other Drivers I worry about on her behalf.

    Thanks for sharing this Kristina.

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