When You’re Not Sure

I’m not sure if any of you noticed, but I didn’t post last Friday. Yes, I know that bio-thingamajigger says I post on Mondays and Fridays as long as the coffee and chocolate doesn’t run out so I apologize if anyone started to worry about the availability of either item. The fact is, Friday was insane and today matches it. In fact, the next few weeks are all pretty much the same gig.

I’m just not sure how many plates I can keep spinning.

I hope you won’t all disappear while I try to figure that out, because that would make me sad. But my reality is that when you’re not sure how to cope, you have to pare everything down to what really matters. And right now, what matters most is not losing my freaking mind. Instead of blogging all my angsty-McAngsterish, I may take a breather and just try to you know, breathe for awhile.

I hope to see you on Friday. With my mind intact. And breathing in a nice and healthy way instead of into a paper bag.

Blessings to each of you…

6 thoughts on “When You’re Not Sure

  1. Hugs hon. Yes keep your sanity, I think mine ran out the door years ago. 😉

  2. I am often amazed that you have gone so long with so few interruptions in your regular-as-clockwork Monday & Friday regimen of posts here. You do what ya gotta do, we’ll be here.

    *Looks around* Um, where are we again? Usually when I’m in one of these kind of spaces, all swirly and amorphous and such, someone like The Dr shows and then I wake up, right? No? Well, right then – *Goes for more coffee, and to check on sinus-y sick kid* … 😉

  3. I empathize — I’m spinning plates at the moment, too. In fact, I’ve dropped a few. *wry grin* Crazy world, huh? Catch you on the other side of insanity! *muah*

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