A Moment To Be Present

Today my whole family is home – most of us were in our pajamas until noon. So far I’ve made 2 batches of muffins and played a board game with Mister Soandso and Biggest. Middlest and Littlest have been lounging around, playing with new Pokemon cards or other games. I’ve read a bit and drank hot coffee with good music playing in the background.

Later on we’ll eat Mister Soandso’s barbecued ribs and some side dishes and some apple pie. I foresee more board games or cards or something, all of us gathered around the table together.

And I’ll look around the table, at those four people who hold my happiness in their hearts and hands and I’ll be thankful for one more day with them, one more chance to leave smiles in their hearts and hugs around their bodies.

I’ll take a moment to be present, fully present, with the people whose lives matter more than my own. And I’ll be thankful for the service men and women whose lives have been lost so that my family can be together this way, on this day. May their families and friends find peace in the empty seat at their family table.