BAMFing It Up

It can be said that we learn more from our kids than they learn from us. That is certainly true in some situations. Although in my case, my children have given up trying to teach me how to be a Lego Whisperer of their caliber. Any caliber, really. And in the case of Littlest, he taught me that gerunds are just about the funnest thing in the world. (Actually, I already knew this, but I was going for parallel structure within my argument, so can we all just roll with it? Thanks.)

Yesterday, he and Middlest were entertaining themselves with a MadLib and when she asked him for a verb, he offered up this gem: DIARRHEA. As in, “the hippo with the brown striped nose and octopus head was diarrhea-ing in the hopping car.”

And you know, making the noun diarrhea into a gerund makes sense. Especially if you’ve ever had the occasion to diarrhea yourself or spent the day diarrheaing after eating something not so wholesome.

In case you are wondering what diarrhea has to do with BAMFing it up, well, this is my brain, remember. All random things connect and make sense in my mind. I don’t even use street drugs folks.

Previously, I haven’t had many occasions to use the acronym BAMF but I am working on rectifying that.


You should probably know that I actually said all those words as I typed those letters and it felt pretty awesome doing it. (In case you don’t know what BAMF is an acronym for, go google it (YES! Another gerund!) and then reread that line. Wasn’t that basically most excellent? Aside from the profanity for those who are profanity adverse, of course. That may have been a tad uncomfortable for them.

Anyhoozle, I noted today that my kitten gave me two 3-claw scratches to my face and neck and I questioned if I looked like a BAMF. No one thought I did, but they can be forgiven because they didn’t see the blood trickles.

Today is a typical day in that I have a lengthy to-do list and must run several errands. Most folks would be less than thrilled to go into public looking like they were a kitten-scratching-post, but I decided to make it a lemonade moment and tell myself I just looked like a BAMF. That I could spend my day BAMFing it up.

And suddenly, there was another gerund in my head, just like that.

Just like the BAMFing gerund-loving, lexicon-turns-me-one bibliophile that I am.

If you need me, I’m running to the store for a loaf of bread and some milk. I’ll be BAMFing it up in my mom-van and not-mom-jeans with One Direction rocking the factory installed stereo system.

Now, go make some gerunds like a BAMF. Or at least learn what a emmeffing gerund is, for pete’s sake.

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  1. Well, there ya go. No, I didn’t know what a gerund was, or is. And now, and now i’ve fooled around and learned somthing. Thanks for sharing this, Kristina

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