Things That Make Me Snicker

Hello all you beautiful people! How are you? Me, I’m doing all right but I am a bit sleep deprived. Which, in my little corner of the world, translates into rum-dumb silliness. Or, in other words, goofy things make me snicker.

Things like people’s names. For example, I recently heard of a gentleman with a first name of Richard. And a surname of Wisher. And he goes by the nickname for Richard. Let’s hope  if he’s married, his wife doesn’t get mail addressed to Mrs. blah blah. 

How about businesses with goofy spellings or things that just don’t translate well? A whole Yellow Pages-worth of Asian restaurants come to mind, right up there with Kathy’s Kut and Kurl which has a multitude of sins in addition to their initials and adoration of alliteration. The Pump ‘N Munch by my old house is another snicker-worthy example.

Apparently I’ve been hanging out with my was-12-year-old-boy-but-who-turned-13-yesterday too much.

Actually, that really awkward and unattractive sentence you just struggled to read pretty much sums up my life and predilection for snickering. I hang out with lots of kids, either of my own making or through my work. I happen to think teens are excellent additions to my life but they do bring out the teenager within me. And that side of me snickers at things that the 44 year old version of me knows I shouldn’t. But, hello, sometimes it is funny when a person totally farts in a quiet room. As long as there is no paint-peeling side affects, of course.

All right, time to go get some more coffee in my cup and go do boring grown-up stuff like vacuum and mow the lawn. But first I’m going to snicker over that funny fart-like sound the coffee maker sometimes makes.

Have a great day y’all!

4 thoughts on “Things That Make Me Snicker

  1. I went to a Cinco de Mayo comedy and music festival last night and admit to huge chuckles at VERY naughty things. Laughing boosts the immune system, so you and I should be healthy for a long, long time.

  2. You just totally hit the nail on the head as to why I love to hang out with teenagers…then the adults around me can excuse my snickering silliness by rolling their eyes and saying I hang out with teenagers too much! My secret is out! Thanks for making me laugh this morning! 🙂

  3. You can tell you are a linguist. I laugh at the advertisement, eye catching blow up creatures with fans attached to them that look like they are doing a weird jerky dance at the side of the road. I also laugh at the comics, out loud, which apparently my family thinks is odd. Not sure why? They are comics!!!

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