When You Just Can’t

Today’s post is really a non-post. It can’t even be considered a place-saver because I know I won’t come back to fix it. Because somedays you just can’t. And today is one of those days. As a blogger, when you just can’t think of anything to write, it’s a ugly pickle to find yourself in.

Actually, I have lots of things I’m thinking about. I just don’t have any thoughts that want to hang together in some small semblance of cohesive thoughts. In other words, it even more drivel-ly drivel than usual. I guess my brain isn’t braining very well today.

My heart is sad and my to-do list has been making bullet-point babies. I’ve overwhelmed and stressed out. The hives are literally popping out on my hands and arms. So today, I’m crossing “write today’s blog post” off the list and hoping you’ll come back on Friday.

Because Friday will have to be better than this, right?

Please come check on me then. Bring some coffee or chocolate or bawdy jokes. Or even bad jokes (like this one which is a personal fav:  What is brown and sticky?  A stick.)

I’ll see you then.

1 thought on “When You Just Can’t

  1. Oh Honey, that kinda sucks. When, that happens I mean, that kinda sucks then.

    In my case, yes, having lots of “flash” moments, but mostly nothing coherent. Just images, tumbling, one after another.

    Hoping for good strong ideas for you.

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