It’s Been A Year And A Bit

Here we are, the weekend before we turn the calendar from March to April. I’m sitting in the kitchen typing this post with a cup of coffee and Littlest next to my right elbow. This is a typical Friday morning for me, except for the having Littlest home. Normally he’s at school right now doing all those first grade things he loves so much. But not today.

Because yesterday he started running a temperature. He got off the school bus and went straight to the couch where he lie in a feverish state until he headed to bed. This morning his fever is gone…mostly. Compared to 102.8, his temperature of 99.8 looks pretty good. But because his normal body temp runs in the low to mid 97s, that means whatever germs are playing tag in his body are still running amok.

A bit over a year ago, he was also home. Last year he missed a full week of school and we embarked upon three months of regular doctor’s visits and lab work as he battled pneumonia and post-streptococcal glomerulonephritis. (You can read more about that here.) We found out last July that his kidneys have some level of scarring (most likely very mild *crosses fingers*) and we’ll have to monitor him until he reaches adulthood to know for sure how badly damaged they are.

Mostly I feel like we dodged a bullet. We got lucky and Littlest is going to be okay and all those wine-colored urine samples will just be a little notation in his baby book. (Note to self, I should probably write something besides his name in that book.)

But yesterday as he lie on the couch, shivering and sweating, he told me his throat hurt and it was like that year and a bit was gone in a blink.

Is it strep? Will the virus travel around his tiny body until it finds his kidneys and I find myself huddling next to a toilet, collecting urine samples that look like a Bordeaux and not beautiful, normal little boy pee?

I’m crossing my fingers and giving him vitamin C in hopes that we’ll keep dodging that bullet.

Mostly, I sure hope to keep adding years between when he got so sick last year and the now.

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  1. So sorry to hear the young fellow is not well, prayers and good Ju-Ju to you both.

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