The Power of One or Many

A man known as Sweetness once said, “We are stronger together than when we are alone.” It is easy to think that Walter Payton was simply talking about life as a Chicago Bears football player; it is easier to think about Sweetness rallying his team to work together. But it is better to think of Walter being one of us regular folk whose only experiences with a pigskin is to toss it around in the summer sun. Because “Sweetness” Walter Payton was right on the money on this one…


I think our collective strength is apparent is so many places besides a football field. Or on a playing field of any sort, really.

In the lunchroom where no kid sits alone.

In the classroom where no student can’t afford to buy the textbook.

In the office where no employee is the butt of jokes.

In the restaurant where there are no table-for-two with only one person.

Now, there are times when kids want to eat lunch alone, where textbooks aren’t purchased so that something else can be, people laugh loudest at themselves, or enjoy a meal on a solo adventure. The difference is the level of willingness. But I digress.

I was reminded this morning of how powerful one person can be simply by engaging. A simple act, a simple question. Usually the most simple acts lead to the most interesting outcomes.

Like in this video: 

“Som Sabadell Flashmob” “One Coin”

I’ve watched it a dozen times. One child with one coin. One cellist in coat and tails. One violinist in black and white. One volunteer in street dress. One mob made of folks from their everyday lives. One square filled with music and many smiles.

I love this.

Tears gather in my eyes and I sniff once, twice, three times. I’m not sad. I’m happy. I’m happy to see one child with one coin start something wonderful as the people gather together in music and be a stronger, better, version of themselves.

Each musician makes a beautiful song. But nothing as beautiful as when they all join together.

It only lasted a few minutes. But it was a beautiful reminder.


And the best part? At the end, the girl is still standing there. Surrounded by the music and applause her one action allowed to begin.

What can you be a part of today? Let’s find out.

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