Walking the Ambling Road

Since January, I’ve been trying to go for a 30 minute walk every day. Somedays it doesn’t happen, much to my dog’s dismay, but most days it does. I started walking in the darkness of the northwest’s winter, which meant I gloved up, put on a hat, and zipped up my raincoat over several layers. (The dog looked similarly attired.) I’d set a timer on my phone and we’d head out, dreaming of days of more heat and sun and fewer layers.

I set the timer as a way of making sure I was walking for at least 30 minutes and to challenge myself to walk a bit farther each day, a bit faster.

In the days between early January and now I’ve learned just how fast we can walk and just how far we can get. We always get farther on the weekends when traffic and stop lights aren’t as much of an impediment. But we have more people watching available to un during the week. It seems like a good balance.

Today, as we left the house, I didn’t set my alarm.

Instead of raincoat, I wore a hooded sweatshirt. My head hatless, my fingers bare but for my wedding ring and a few healing cat scratches.

Instead of seeing how far we could get and how fast we could get there, I wanted just to go and return.

It was a wonderful amble.

I’m pretty sure the few extra clicks on the clock aren’t going to make a bit of difference to my longevity. But the few extra things we saw on today’s walk made my day better.

The Stellar’s Jay that let me know he wanted me to get far away from him and the peanut he had clutched in his beak.

The older man I usually pass was wearing green socks and a “Kiss Me, I’m Irish” button on his suspenders.

The two fallen leaves laying on the sidewalk in a shape of a heart.

The sunlight streaming through the cherry blossoms.

Today was a good day to walk the ambling road. Walt Whitman wrote about choosing between the roads taken and not and the difference that choice makes.

I say that at least for today, it’s good to choose the one that makes you amble.

Note: Today is the Ides of March — a time we are told to be wary or at least more observant. And while I’m not too concerned that any of Caesar’s descendants are lurking about still looking to avenge Caesar’s death, I do believe it is a good day to be more observant. We’re half-way through March…spring is quickly springing out of its youth and into its adulthood. Summer will be here before we know it. So in honor of all that the Ides of March might be, let’s pause in our day. Perhaps let the kids play a bit longer at the park, or read another chapter. Perhaps take time to enjoy every meal you eat today. Or, if you’re like me, walk in your kids’ elementary school’s annual St. Patrick’s Day parade. I’ll be the mom in 4-leaf clover socks and the clover-dealie-bopper headband watching all the little kids and big kids smiling and having a great time. And then tonight, I’ll trade the headband for my headphones, my mom-jeans for jammy pants while I write more on my new WIP. Have a great day everyone!

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  1. That was a good day to stop and take note of the world around us. Happy Spring!

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