“Use These and Use That”

It’s a big world we’re living in, and we are but wee little individuals. Is it possible for wee little individuals to make big differences? The ice is melting, the water is rising, the children are starving, the animals are becoming extinct. It all seems so overwhelming that this wee little individual can get overwhelmed.

Sometimes the individual needs to know that it is possible to fix things, to make things better.

I think the place to start is your ears and your voice.

Over the weekend, I heard a man say “use these,” pointing to his ears, “and use that,” gesturing to his voice. He was talking about how an individual actively listening to others as well as speaking up for themselves and others is the key to making change. I think he’s right, regardless of whether the issue is climate change, socio-economic justice, or caring for the Earth and its inhabitants.

Listen to others. Hear what they are saying. Speak up for yourself and for others. Repeat.

2 thoughts on ““Use These and Use That”

  1. A good reminder. It’s the speak up part before one snaps part that gets confusing. I mean, without jumping into full blown “WTF!?!!!” and over-frightening the other inhabitants.

    • and that’s after you do the listening, and I try to remember looking. Yes. Then the speaking (I have to remind myself)

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