Fog Horns Calling Me

The weather here has been cold and foggy lately, causing the fog horns to bleat their mournful calls into the dark all day long. Being near the river and the port, the fog horns are close by here. After hearing that some folks were weary of the hearing the fog horns all day, I realized that I was, in fact, not weary of hearing them.

Instead, I embrace their calls.

Is it because their calls take me back to my teen years on the Oregon coast? Perhaps to some extent. But it is more than that. For me, the fog horns always call to me.

Fog Horns Calling Me

The world has gone dark

And I am lost.

But then, before the panic

Grows even larger,

I hear it.

The fog horn,

Calling me back

Calling me back to safety.

Away from the rocks that hide


Away from the ships that pass

Me by.

Away from the current that pulls

Me out too far.

The fog horns calling me

Give me hope that 

The sun will shine again.

The fog horns calling me

Remind me I’m not alone.

The sun is out today, the fog all burned away. As happy as I am to see the sky blue, I miss the heavy grey and its lowing fog horn…