The Urge to Celebrate

I hope I’m not alone in struggling with the urge to celebrate, especially when that urge comes at the wrong time. I realize it’s Friday morning and you might be thinking I’m talking about alternating cocktails and coffee drinking but I’m not. I’m talking about a different sort of celebrating.

Years ago my doctor at the time had me do a candida cleanse for a week and she recommended that I repeat the process every 6 months. Since then, I’ve started each new year many times in a place of deprivation. Because like many folks, I do like my sugar. This year is no different, although I’m doing a bit more of a challenging dietary change called Whole30.

I cut out lots of things from my diet in addition to sugar and within 2 days the scales showed the resulting loss of two pounds.

I peeked at the number, saw it was smaller, and immediately began fantasizing about buying “skinny” clothes and rocking a bikini. Yes, I suffer from premature celebration.

Because 2 pounds is just the tip of my ice berg and if I’d been able to resist the urge to celebrate the loss of a few pounds years ago, I’d actually have real cause to celebrate these days.

Or would I? I actually believe in celebrating every day. And the little bits end up making a big difference. The trick is to tamp down that urge to celebrate in ways you normally would. How many of us celebrate getting back into a favorite pair of pants by eating something we’ve deprived ourselves of? That kind of backward celebrating has kept me lugging around my son’s baby weight and he’s approaching 7 in a few months.

And our backward celebrating isn’t only a problem with dieting. We do it in all places in our lives. It seems that there is a wee bit of a self’-sabotager  in each of us. If you don’t believe me, think back to if you’ve ever spent an entire day cleaning your house and swear you’ll never let it get that messy again, only to turn around and do it again a short time later. Every time I host a party, I scurry about cleaning like mad, then collapse on the couch after the guests leave, too tired to pick up all the rubble left over from the fun.

It seems as if I’m programmed to run on fast forward which exhausts me so much I collapse, then rally enough to make forward progress, only to do exactly what I shouldn’t and land right back where I started.

Such is my life. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go clean the house. I may be wearing a party hat and dreaming of smaller pants.

3 thoughts on “The Urge to Celebrate

  1. I have dropped a pound a day for the last two weeks. I was concerned, but my doctor wasn’t, so I stopped fretting. And started dreaming about buying different clothes. Slightly smaller clothes. I decided against it, in part because so much of my pre-baby wardrobe still hung in the closet waiting to be dusted off.

    Even though I celebrate the change, it feels a little weird, too. I’ve gotten so used to being one way, it’s discomfiting to see so much change happening so quickly.

  2. I absolutely celebrate anything, everything, and all the time. I’m not sure why, but the need to enjoy and celebrate life has been front and center in my mind the last couple of years. It might be losing my father suddenly and unexpectedly, or getting an agent and a book deal, or just that I’m now over 40 and things seem more worthy of celebration somehow.

    Also…I just love any excuse to enjoy myself.

    Congratulations on the reason for your celebration though! I’m working on dropping a few pounds myself, and it’s HARD to explain to my brain that a cupcake is not the appropriate celebration for losing a pound.

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