Weird Things Happen When You’re Pregnant

This morning as I sat with my head between my knees battling nausea, I was reminded of all the weird things that happen to a body when that body is female and pregnant. What’s even weirder is when that body’s baby is now 6.5 years old and the weirdness still happens.

With my previous pregnancies I had the typical morning (aka All Damn Day) sickness and typical aches and pains. But with Littlest, I developed an intolerance to drinking water first thing in the morning. The first time it happened I was in the kitchen getting breakfast for Biggest and Middlest. I was bleary-eyed and bath-robed. I remember thinking, “I should be more conscious of drinking water throughout the day” and I drank a glass of water. And I immediately vomited the whole thing back up.

Since that day, if I drink water first thing in the morning, it makes me nauseous, even to the point of vomiting.

How weird is that? Plenty, if you ask me. Now I just have to figure out why it has that effect. Good thing I like researching odd things. (It doesn’t matter what the temperature of the water is, on an empty stomach, it makes me sick.)

So this morning I took my morning medication with a cup of hot, unsweetened tea. And within moments, there I was, head between knees and practicing deep breathing. I am not pregnant. In fact, I am hoping all the other bodily malarky I’m dealing with these days are evidence that “the change” is coming to a uterus near me. However, I apparently still cannot drink water on a early morning empty tummy.

Normally I take my meds with a cup of coffee–coffee the way I like it, which is to say with enough 1/2 and 1/2 to make it carmel colored and about 1/2 teaspoon of sugar. It never makes me feel nauseous. But since I decided to lay off both dairy and sugar for 30 days, I’ve had to turn to tea to get me through the day.

I’d like to note that it isn’t having the same effect–in either the nausea-reducer or the pick-me-up.

I’ve done these types of things before. When Littlest was about one, my doctor at the time was concerned I have issues with candida because I had thrush with each of my kids as well as many symptoms of  “Leaky Gut Syndrome.” (You can google it. *shudder*) Since then, I go off all sugar and carbs for a week, twice a year. But this year, I’m also being uber vigilant about all grains, salt, alcohol, legumes, and other high auto-immune reactive foods such as the nightshades. My headaches have been increasing in both frequency and duration so I figured, what the heck. I’ll do an allergen diet hard-core and for 30 days.

Nothing like starting day 6 of 30 with your head between your knees.

The truth is, weird things happen not just when a body is pregnant. Weird things just happen for bodies. The trick is figuring out what is the root of the weirdness. Removing gluten from my diet 2 years ago allowed me to figure out what was causing my tummy issues after doctors being perplexed for over 20 years. Now I hope to figure out if there are any other simple dietary fixes I can make to help me feel better and less painful.

My body has always been telling me what is good for it and what isn’t. I figure now is a good time to start listening to it. After all, projectile vomiting is a pretty good way to get a body’s attention.

2 thoughts on “Weird Things Happen When You’re Pregnant

  1. I kinda understand about the water thing. I used to have some problems in that direction also. It’s not as bad as it used to be, but I just don’t try to drink water first thing in the morning.Coffee is best (black, 2 tsp sugar) Orange juice ok. Yes bodies do weird stuff. My latest is naps. I seem to require sleep at intervals through out the day sometimes. I can push through if I have to, but will crash twice as hard at at the end.

    Yup, bodies do weird things.

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